As part of Surreal Hotels & Resorts | Zante Plaza Hotels, Keri Village & Spa shares high quality Meal Standards from our farm. At Surreal Hotels & Resorts there is always a balance between Man & Nature and that reflects on our Green Policies too.

We take advantage of our fully owned 4,000sq.m farm in which we grow & develop chemicals free Vegetables. The Majority of products that we are using in our Hotels Salad Bars come from our own farm.

We also grow our own chickens, lambs, sheeps, pigs & cows as well as our own Olive Trees.

Location: The Farm is located at Laganas | Agrilia area about 10km away from Keri – aprox. 15m Drive. Our Olive Trees Farm is located atPantokratoras Village about 6km from Keri-10m Drive.


  • 75% of the Vegetables on our salad bars come from our Farm.
  • 20% of the Cheese we have on our buffets comes from our farm & cows.
  • 100% of the Olive Oil is produced from our own Chemicals Free Olive Trees.
  • 100% of the Wine on the All Inclusive Package comes from Local Traditional Producers ( Solomos Wines, Koutsis Wines & Agricultural Union of Zakynthos.
  • All of the meat and ingredients our Chefs use on our Buffets, come from the Best & Certified Companies in Zante | Greece.


That’s why all of the Staff, including the Management and the Ownership of Surreal Hotels & Resorts | Zante Plaza Hotels eat from our Hotels Buffets…like our guests!